How to Redesign a Small Bathroom?

Planning and remodeling a small bathroom is a little tricky but not difficult. If done in the right manner your compact bathroom can look bigger, how? It is all an illusion, my friend.

People often think that a 5o sq feet bathroom remodeling will be quicker, easier and less expensive than a large bathroom. But everything is on the little bit side. Reason behind? It is because elements are quite same a large bathroom and remodeling of small space is hectic as you need to think what you use, hence you require a professional. But the reality is a small bathroom is one-third of large bathroom hence cost, time and efforts cut down to 75% that means you are just saving on the space.

But with the redesigning or remodeling small bathroom ideas you can save big and get your job done quickly and efficiently.


Let us check bathroom types. We have categorized them into three types irrespective of sizes. This will make your planning more realistic.

  • Powder room: Big homes often have a powder room that has a half bathroom more than a sink, toilet, and a door. This is generally used by family members and guests when there is no need for a full bathroom. Smaller the size small are the requirements. They are quickly remodeled in less time and efforts.
  • Full bathroom: Full-fledged bathrooms have a sink, toilet, bathtub, vanity, and shower. This is used every day. When you have two or three baths this is the master one and usually dedicated to children. This needs materials and fixtures accordingly.
  • Guest’s bathroom: This is a full-service bathroom with a sink, toilet, shower or a tub which is used by guests only. Many people chose economy fixtures for cost-cutting as guest’s visits occasionally. Hence being a secondary bathroom redesigning them is budgeted.
  • Master bathroom: A full-service bathroom for daily use especially used by homeowners. If the home is small one bathroom is considered a master bathroom even if it is small. Hence requires fair amount, time and effort for remodeling.

Quick and efficient way for remodeling a small bathroom:

  • Time is Money: Redesigning requires a contractor or subcontractors with skill and experience. Always hire an experienced known contractor as it is wastage of time and money if the wrong person gets in. The cheapest way is to get it done by you helping a contractor in work which many of them fails in. So in all hire a pro rather being slow.
  • Choosing Materials: Contractors are skilled and provide you various range options. With taking advice do some research that will save some bucks. If you have time visit stores this will be cheaper and faster. Discuss with your contractor as they have commissions with traders. Do not fall in the trap and make an agreement.

Few Designing Tips:

  • Use corner sink
  • Use sliding shower door
  • Get a vanity with rounded corners
  • Mount mirror on the wall
  • Create space with extended counter
  • Choose trough sink
  • Pick wall mounted faucets

These designing tips for small bathroom will create space and make your bathroom look spacious and big.

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